I really feel like I make a difference

As a brand new staff member in STARS, Amber had to quickly change ways of working due to contingency planning for Covid-19.

Amber said: “I’ve found that communication and support have been key.

“It has been difficult being unable to see and speak to colleagues face-to-face in hubs and being unable to get straight into the new role, but continuous communication and support via Zoom video calls and Teams video conferencing has allowed me to return to work and to embark on this new role.

“I particularly enjoy the daily challenges of the role; every day and every client is different. Making a difference to the lives of those in a difficult place. By helping those during turbulent times in their life, providing support and hope of recovery from substance misuse, I really feel like I make a difference.

“Whilst it’s been a challenge, joining a new organisation during a turbulent time for all has not deterred me from continuing in the drug and alcohol field.”

Find out more about STARS by visiting http://stadultrecoveryservice.co.uk/