Getting Help

We support you to recover

Hello and welcome to South Tyneside drug and alcohol recovery services

We’re geared up to help people who want to begin recovery. After an initial assessment, you’ll get a key worker who’ll support you through your treatment at one of our recovery centres and help you develop a Recovery Plan, built around you and your circumstances.

We’ll provide structured one-to-one support, structured group therapy, also a health and wellbeing check including health screenings, blood testing and vaccinations.

Real help for you

The doctors and nurses in the service, alongside local pharmacies in the community, help keep you safe throughout your treatment journey. We offer a harm reduction needle exchange service, access to detox and rehabilitation.

We will also support you practically with help to get your benefits in order, and with finding housing.

You just have to phone us on 0191 917 1160 or email us at

Please contact our free service and ask about how we can help you to recover.