Toolkit for Recovery

Community Signposting/Services; Sometimes support is needed from other services to provide a holistic approach and meet all needs.

Open and Honesty; We encourage you to tell us the full details about your recovery and usage to be able to support you fully and advise you safely.

Acceptance: Recovery is all about accepting where you are now and where you want to be. It takes small gradual steps to get there but you can and will do it

Mutual aid and recovery groups; There is a higher success rate in achieving and maintaining your recovery goal when you introduce these into your recovery journey. We offer the following groups: • SMART Recovery • Abstinence Group • Pre and Post-Detox Groups • Relapse Prevention • Self-Esteem • OST Reduction • Motivation to Change • Anxiety Management • PAWS Group • Smoking Cessation.

Losing the Label; Labels such as ‘addict’ and ‘alcoholic’ have negative connotations and tend to wholly define a person when we know there is much more to individuals than their addiction or problematic behaviour. Goal Setting:

Short and Long Term; We complete a recovery plan to reflect the goals you are wanting to work towards. Planning Ahead; This is so important in recovery as you can plan for any upcoming risky situations or triggers. It also helps add structure and focus to days. Education, Understanding and

Awareness: Having more of an understanding and awareness of addiction and substance use can help us to accept where we are now and how to move forward. It is also important to understand our own personal triggers and what is risky to us.