New campaign warning against increasing cannabis strength

The new South Tyneside Adult Recovery Service is promoting a cannabis related health campaign aimed at encouraging people across the borough to think carefully about their cannabis consumption.

The Respect THC campaign aims to help people who are concerned about the amount of cannabis they are smoking.  The campaign uses posters and social media to help people understand the issues around using cannabis provides easy ways people can get support from the new South Tyneside service.

Mel Scott, Area Manager, said: “More people who use cannabis are becoming aware of the potential problems associated with the drug. In general, cannabis sold on the street is getting stronger, with higher levels of THC; the cannabinoid compound in cannabis that effects the brain. Stronger cannabis can result in users experiencing a number of issues, including anxiety, depression and mental health issues.

She said: “We hope that by providing more information on the negative effects of cannabis, anyone in South Tyneside who has a problem themselves or knows someone who does can speak to use about the advice and support we provide.”

The campaign will focus on issues that can affect cannabis users, using social media posts and posters distributed to relevant locations across the borough. Research has shown that regular users of high-potency cannabis carry the highest risk for psychotic disorders, compared to those who have never used cannabis.
If you live or work in South Tyneside and are affected by cannabis misuse, telephone 0191 917 1160.