About us

We aim to offer ways for local people with drug and alcohol problems to become free from their dependence. We also want to reduce the problems that substance misuse causes to families, friendships, workplaces and communities in South Tyneside.

We want to work with each person to develop their potential for recovery. Individuals’ needs will be taken into account as we strive to support positive outcomes.

We work in partnership with a range of health, mental health, adult, children and young people’s social care, criminal justice agencies, voluntary and community sector services.

STARS’ Commitment to You

STARS works in conjunction with our service users and partnership providers to ensure we are providing a quality service. The following are our commitments to you:

  • We will work with you to develop your recovery plan and support you on your journey
  • We will treat you fairly, with respect and dignity
  • We will review your recovery plans regularly and ensure it is progressing at the right rate for you
  • We ensure that every service user’s voice is heard and welcome service user feedback to improve the service
  • We value equality and diversity and endeavour to meet individual needs.
  • We will consider your individual needs and circumstances and endeavour to work around these for appointments
  • We recognise how vital support networks are in recovery and will aim to support the process of involving them in your recovery wherever possible, with your consent
  • We will endeavour to show discretion around appointments and locations to meet your needs, as well as prioritising confidentiality. In the event of confidentiality needing to be broken for duty of care purposes, we would always endeavour to seek your consent prior to this

Our service is overseen by South Tyneside Council.

Our service is aligned with the government’s Drugs Strategy

In February 2019 the Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspected our service. Click here to read their report.